Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Daycare and Boarding for Senior Dogs

When you think of pet daycare, most people imagine hyper puppies and young dogs running around and playing frantically for hours. While daycare can be beneficial for this type of dog, it also has great benefits for older dogs looking for a more relaxed experience.

While your pet may not have the energy to keep up with a pack of puppies at this point in their life, that doesn’t mean that they won’t enjoy being in the company of other dogs and people. Being home alone all day can be tough on senior dogs, and many geriatric pets require special care throughout the day, whether that be through prescribed medication, physical therapy, or even just some extra attention.

Our pet resort provides a safe and quiet place for your senior pet through daycare and boarding, with the option to let them participate in a special geriatric playgroup on days that they’d like to spend some time with other dogs.

Visit our website for more information on daycare and boarding for your senior dog!

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