Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Firework and Thunder Phobia

Summer is a time for fireworks and severe thunderstorms, which, for many dogs and other pets, can be a very stressful. If your dog is fearful of loud noises, here are a few tips to try:

  • Reduce Noise and Sight: To the best of your ability, reduce the amount of noise. Close the windows and curtains, shut doors, and keep your dog confined to a safe space towards the middle of your home. Leaving the TV and radio on for your pet helps desensitize pets to loud noises and flashes of light too.
  • Get Exercise: Exercising your dog more than normal on the day of a planned fireworks show can help them to be calmer later in the day. If your dog is worn out from a day of playing outside, he is less likely to be reactive to loud noises or bright lights later in the evening.
  • Thunder Shirts: Thunder shirts provide compression to your dog, which may help him to feel safe and secure. While designed specifically for thunder, they can be effective for all loud noises and other stressful situations for your dog.

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