Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Doggie Daycare is Changing

Every dog parent knows by now that daycare is extremely beneficial for many dogs who enjoy the company of other animals and people. We see many dogs who have been separated from other animals and people for "acting out," when all they need is to get some energy out during the day.

Dog daycare offers the opportunity for extremely energetic dogs to have a safe outlet where they can expend their extra energy. We encounter many dog daycare success stories from pet owners who never imagined that their pets could learn to get along so nicely with others.

The current un-structure of daycare is strictly an energy release. We at All American Pet Resorts will be announcing a change at the first of the year. We are taking daycare to the next level and introducing... "Enrichment Daycare."

This new structure will enable dogs to be mentally stimulated as well as physically. Stimulation that is both mental and physical is more exhausting than just one or the other; just think of the days you spend at work going from meeting to meeting and how exhausting those days are.

We are in the process of selecting a few daycare clients to Beta test our new program. If you are interested in enrolling your dog in the Beta Enrichment program, give us a quick call (239) 939-3647 (DOGS).

Click here to schedule your dog's next daycare appointment with us here in Fort Myers FL!

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Crate Training Your Dog

Many people are skeptical about crate training their dogs for fear that they will consider being confined to such a small space punishment. Despite this common concern, crate training your dog is beneficial for your pet, family, and your home.

Because dogs are den animals by nature, the crate can serve as a safe space where they can go to relax, to chew on a bone or toy, and to escape when they need some alone time. Having your dog crate trained can also provide an area of the home where they can safely stay while you are out of the house or when you have guests over who do not love dogs as much as you do.

Crate training is easiest when a dog is trained as a puppy, but there is no reason why you can’t crate train an adult dog! While crate training is extremely beneficial when you leave the house for short periods of time, if you need to leave your dog home alone during the day for several hours, you may want to consider dog daycare in Fort Myers FL. Visit our website for more information!