Monday, April 25, 2016

April 26th National Kids and Pets Day.

It seems that there is a National day for pets everyday and I love it.  Why not celebrate our pets, they fill our hearts with a special kind of love and comfort.  So what exactly is National Kid and Pet day? Studies have shown that kids who grow up with a pet tend to be natural nurturer's and compassionate beings.  It is up to us to teach our children to love and show kindness to all animals.  There are so many benefits for having a pet in a child's life, not only does it give them natural nurturing skills it also teaches children responsibilities.   I believe that pets have a long lasting affect on our childerns development. I witness this daily with my own children.  When my son is having a hard day he cuddles up with our dog, you know on the patch of carpet that the sun is shining through the window. That warm cuddle time seems to make everything all better.  I know my kids will be wonderful pet owners in the future and I will continue to educate them on rescuing.  This day might also be good to talk with children about pet safety too.  There are many accidents between children and family pets due to the childs lack of knowledge. So let's celebrate!! #NationalKidsAndPetsDay

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