Tuesday, November 15, 2016

The Importance of Puppy Playtime

Having a new puppy comes with a lot of responsibilities - training, nutrition, and getting to know your new family member are all important aspects of being a responsible pet owner. One thing that many new pet owners take for granted is the importance of having your puppy properly socialized. A critical period of socialization takes place between the ages of 7 weeks to 4 months, and when proper socialization does not take place during this time period, your puppy can become fearful of other dogs or people. It can be tough to determine the best way to socialize your puppy, as you want to ensure that all of the interactions that they are exposed to are positive ones.

One of the best ways to provide socialization is by bringing your puppy to dog daycare. Most facilities will have a group designated to young or small dogs, so that your pet is able to make new friends and engage in appropriate play for their age. Not only will they be exposed to new dogs and be able to get some energy out, but they’ll also get the opportunity to be handled by new people outside of your family. In time, your new puppy will become more confident, a better listener, and adaptive to new situations. Some time in daycare can also serve as a relaxing break for the proud owner of a new puppy!

If you’re in the Fort Myers FL area and you’re interested in your puppy starting daycare to start their socialization on the right foot, visit our website to learn about our daycare options and to book your reservation!

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