Thursday, December 15, 2016

Take Time for Your Pet's Annual Wellness Exam

Like humans, your pets require an annual wellness exam or physical. Many people do not realize that their animals need to see a veterinarian on a regular basis, and often will only bring them in to see a doctor when they are hurt or sick.

The truth is, the best way to prevent any type of injury or illness in your pet is to make an appointment to see your veterinarian at least once a year. During this visit, your vet will be able to physically examine your pet, administer any vaccines or medications that they require, and answer any questions or concerns you have about your pet.

If it’s been over a year since your dog has seen a veterinarian, make an appointment today! In addition to keeping your pet happy and comfortable, most boarding facilities and pet resorts will require that you provide up-to-date veterinary records for your pet before you are able to reserve their stay.

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