Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Why Dog Boarding Matters

When you can’t be with your pet, there aren’t many options for ensuring their safety. While pet sitting may be a good option for some pets, boarding is the ideal choice for many pooches and owners alike.

Why is that? Pet boarding at All American Pet Resorts Fort Myers not only provides basic care, but tons of exercise too. Our environment is high activity with six play times per day for each; large dogs, small dogs, geriatric and special needs pets. We have added enrichment toys so that pets exercise their minds and they bodies. Additionally, we do a “hands-on” body check every day. Not only is this an important way for us to keep an eye on your pet’s pet physical well-being but an opportunity to provide each pet with individual attention and loving and...they love it! Your pet's stay can be customized to accommodate their preferences and personalities, and you’ll have the peace of mind knowing that your pet will be cared for by trained pet care professionals. Your dog will have a great time while you’re away, making your next business trip or family vacation less stressful for him and for you.

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